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​Here are just some of our products created by our indoor growing supplies.

Our NFT (hydroponic) Lettuce: we currently produce several cultivars of lettuce, and prefer the “Amadeus” Romaine. It has a dark green color with a very crisp snap, and is the most nutritional we can produce! It keeps well in your fridge for over three weeks easily!

Our NFT BasilOur cultivar of Basil is selected for its unique flavor and we grow a mix of Genovese and Italian large leaf! It’s robust flavor and aromatics are certain to be a hit in your signature dish!

Our Microgreens: we are currently experimenting with many different types of micros, and currently offer Cilantro, Sunflower, Radish and pea shoots on a regular basis. 

Our Seed: we can ship anywhere! All of our seed is Non-GMO (as is most that is commonly available) we can ship anywhere, and work closely with our suppliers to assure our seed is second to none!

Our wheatgrass & barley seed comes from a local source and is of a much higher grade than normally found elsewhere. (In our humble opinion!) Try it for yourself and tell us what you think!

100% satisfaction on everything sold by JFF always!

Our Services: JFF is currently working on many community outreach projects and actively promote self-sustaining agriculture. Our connections with alternative energy suppliers and contractors are the finest in the nation! Remember normal climatic challenges to us are extreme to most in other parts of the world! (Heck our children won’t come in from recess unless it’s colder than -54F!!)

We have encountered many challenges in our history and will always deliver on our customer’s needs! Submit your ideas to us and we can confidentially provide you with an un-biased honest assessment, along with suggestions on how to proceed with your goals. If we must outsource your inquiries, we will include our referenced sources.
Vertical urban CEA’s and non-standard or off grid requirements are our specialty! No need to recreate the wheel!
We are happy to reccomend: for our friends with medicinal herb needs and our expertise is available to those looking to enter this controversial yet lucrative industry.

For more information about our indoor hydroponic systems and our hydroponics kit, call us today.

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