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​JFF became a reality for us (Johnson’s family farm) early in 2009. We began researching the feasibility of producing better quality lettuce in the interior. With extensive consultation with the local small business economic development center and the SCORE program, we invested our small fortune of $300 in a small 36 place NFT system. We quickly realized that in order to recoup our costs we were going to have to grow fresh basil instead of lettuce as we originally intended. 

We began delivering fresh Basil every Wednesday without fail to a local store, the homegrown market. Additional investment in business plan software, and literature pertaining to hydroponics allowed us the confidence to invest our meager retirement funds into larger systems. We were fortunate enough to find a small retail space of 768 SF to put our 2x300 plant NFT’s and a 4’x13’ flood and drain system. The space was so small we could hardly move around! Our research in fluorescent lighting taught us what we needed to get by, and we managed to put out over 2,000 heads of lettuce and 140# of microgreens that year! We were hooked!

The response from the community was exciting! We quickly outgrew the retail space, and after consulting with the local health inspector knew what we needed in a new location.

At a local SARE (sustainable agriculture conference) we met with many great farmers and officials in the agricultural community.

We applied for an equipment and operating loan through the farm service agency in Delta Junction AK for our indoor growing supplies, and were approved for the loan! We were in the big leagues now! I felt we needed more operating expenses than what was offered, but was desperate to make it work (lesson#1) and quickly agreed to the terms, which are very reasonable. All of the hard work and dedication of the staff in Delta junction with the FSA has really meant a lot to all of us and we are very grateful for their support, and will not let them down. 

We are proud to serve our local hospital salad bar and the school district as well as the finest restaurants in the city! It is such an honor to provide our children and community with these exciting new flavors!

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